We're The Good Swimmers

Because we believe everybody should have clean water, a percentage of TANLIINES’ profits directly contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of people living in isolated regions around the world with the help of SurfAid.

Why we chose SURFAID:

They believe it all starts with clean water.
Clean drinking water, clean water for hospitals … we believe everyone should have access to this.

They create jobs.
More than 95 per cent of their program staff are Indonesian nationals who work hand-in-hand with the communities of Western Sumatra, Sumbawa and Sumba, to bring about positive, sustainable health change while respecting the unique culture and customs of these islands communities.

They empower communities.
They create opportunities for learning and working together towards a common goal, encouraging people to take an active role in establishing their own healthy and resilient communities. SurfAid understands that alone they can only contribute to positive change. To bring about lasting change they work with communities, local government departments, local influencers and decision-makers.

They champion equality.
They believe all people have a right to access quality basic services regardless of where they live. More so, they believe all people can contribute to their own development, given the right opportunities and a voice to share their challenges, ideas and wisdom. SurfAid is respectful to local values and customs and will find creative ways to enrich, rather than change, local culture.

They are accountable.
They consider themselves as mere guardians of the funds are entrusted with to deliver positive change to remote communities. They commit to being exceptional stewards of our donor’s funds and strive to accurately measure their impact as an organisation and be truly accountable to all partners and the people they serve.

They are professionals.
They lean on the highest standards of development practice, and to be recognised by relevant accreditation and professional agencies.